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Favorites from Stack Overflow

What is bootstrapping? “Bootstrapping” comes from the term “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.” That much you can get from Wikipedia. In computing, a bootstrap loader is the first piece of code that runs when a machine starts, and is responsible for loading the rest of the operating system.”   What is REST? REST is not a specific web service but a design concept (architecture) for managing state information. First read Ryan Tomayko’s post How I explained REST to my wife; it’s a great starting point. Then read Fielding’s actual dissertation. It’s not that advanced, nor is it long…

How much of a wiggle is a wiggle

“This world is a great wiggle-effect. The clouds are wiggling. The waters are wiggling. The clouds are wiggling, bouncing. People— but people are always trying to straighten things out. You see, we live in a rectangular box, all the time; everything is straightened out. Wherever you look around in nature you find things often straightened out. They’re always trying to put things in boxes. Those boxes are classified. Words are made from some boxes. But the real world is wiggly. Now when you have a wiggle like a cloud, how much wiggle is a wiggle? Well, you have to draw…

On Choosing Quantity Over Quality

It’s no secret that I post infrequently. Some of the time it’s due to lack of blog topics, other times it because I’m lazy. But most of the time, it’s because I’m stressing out over if it’s a good enough topic to write about, and then what the perfect structure for the post should be, and then if I have enough examples to backup my point,and then if I have a good enough mix of compound and simple sentences, and then if a sentence could be worded be be even better, and then if the post was funny enough, and then…

Look Ma, I’m on Google!

If you happen to google a specific query, my blog post is the first link!!! And so is the gif I made (in MS Paint, lolol). I am inordinately excited about this. (The blog post itself.)