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On Choosing Quantity Over Quality

It’s no secret that I post infrequently. Some of the time it’s due to lack of blog topics, other times it because I’m lazy.

But most of the time, it’s because I’m stressing out over if it’s a good enough topic to write about, and then what the perfect structure for the post should be, and then if I have enough examples to backup my point,and then if I have a good enough mix of compound and simple sentences, and then if a sentence could be worded be be even better, and then if the post was funny enough, and then if I’m trying too hard to be funny, and then if the blogs posts are not programming-oriented enough, and then if maybe i’m not being personable enough, and then if my whole premise was wrong and someone is going to write a scathing comment on the post.

Today I’m going to stop that. I’m going to just write, and post whatever it is that happens to make it out. I’m not going to do much editing. That means for a while, the quality of the posts might suck. Actually, the quality of the posts will suck. But that’s okay. Because the goal is, over time, I’ll have practice writing these posts and I’ll become a better writer. So in the meantime, bare with me. (I’m talking to you, Mom. Don’t stop reading my blog.)

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