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First day at Microsoft!! (What?!) So incredibly excited to work at my dream job! And so thankful for those who supported and believed in me. My family, mentors, and professors – thank you

Come see my talk!

I’m going to speaking at this year’s Atlanta Code Camp conference. And I’ll be talking about Web API and Postman for the beginner. Check it out 🙂

Why hasn’t functional programming taken over yet?

Stack Overflow: Why hasn’t functional programming taken over yet? This is a good discussion on how functional programming won’t be *THE* future of programming, despite the paradigm having very good features (i.e. concurrency, and no side effects). Those very features of functional programming (FP) that make it appealing, are the same features that make it difficult to adopt FP wholesale. And that is in addition to the usual constraints of budget, client interest, and lack of programmers with a niche skill set. However, languages like C# has functional-like capabilities, and its likely that the popular programming languages and programmer habits…

Changing My Mind About Comments

Very early on in my career, I really got into Uncle Bob’s Clean Code video series. And from there I started scouring the web for every blog article or reading material about clean code. Clean code just made sense. It was about organization. And from back in college, I knew of several people who were very smart. But wrote completely unreadable code. Like when they came and asked me to look over their code because they were stuck on something, I would literally just ask them a bunch of questions about their code and problem until they figured out their…

Look Ma, I’m on Google!

If you happen to google a specific query, my blog post is the first link!!! And so is the gif I made (in MS Paint, lolol). I am inordinately excited about this. (The blog post itself.)

On Giving the Atlanta Code Camp Talk

Last October I was accepted to speak at the 2015 Atlanta Code Camp on keeping clean code.  It was a really great experience, I would definitely recommend this conference for anyone who wants to speak at tech events. I’ve been to this conference in the past, but this is the first time I’ve been a speaker. The organizers of the conference were on top of things, and they made sure I had everything I needed prior to my presentation. And knowing I was a bit nervous about giving my talk, they checked in with me afterwards. The speakers’ dinner, the…

Atlanta Code Camp 2015

I had the privilege of being a speaker at the 2015 Atlanta Code Camp conference. And I had really enjoyed it, and I will write up a post about it. But if you missed it or are curious about my talk on Clean Code, my slide deck is below! [embeddoc url=”” viewer=”microsoft”]

Highlights from 48in48!

Here are some photos I manage to take over last weekend. They are not in any order and only highlight a few, but many of the great things that 48in48 did. Also, I totally promised that websites were made, even if I took no pictures of them. 🙂 We were greeted at the entrance by this great signage and chalk logo. And this chalk Atlanta Skyline. One of the many general gatherings, we had over the 48 hours. Warrick Dunn stopped by Saturday morning to talk about his charity, which was one of the 48 non-profit organizations to receive a…

Design Over Functionality

Visual design is important. I’m not talking about making applications look pretty. (Which is never a bad thing.) I’m talking about how an the User Interface of an application is laid out. How the user interacts with the application. A good design will draw the user’s eye to the correct area and lead them through the application as you, the developer, intended. You should never need to read a manual or instruction guide to use the application. A well designed application is intuitive to the user and natural to use. The user, upon first use of the application, should be able to “just know”…

DroidScript Fun @ GDG

This week’s Mercer/Macon Google Developer Group was hosted at SparkMacon, and my friend and coworker, Michael Rosario, was presenting on DroidScripts. This is Michael. DroidScripts lets you write android apps with JavaScript. Ya know, if you’re really into JavaScript. But it really does seems to be a good alternative to regular Java/Android, if you’re looking to do some quick prototyping. There’s no manifest file to futz around with and hardly any setup before coding. (Bee tee dubs, I called the “manifest” file the “manifesto” file for the longest time. And nobody corrected me, seriously? lol.) The IDE you develop in is browser based,…