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Month: August 2016

Look Ma, I’m on Google!

If you happen to google a specific query, my blog post is the first link!!! And so is the gif I made (in MS Paint, lolol). I am inordinately excited about this. (The blog post itself.)

5 Tax-Deductible Expenses You Absolutely Need To Learn About

If we’ve learned anything from the Taylor/Kimye feud, it’s this — Save. Your. Receipts. (Okay that was lame, but hear me out.) Tax season is a ways away, but keeping up with your receipts now will save you a lot of time when it’s time to fill out those 1040’s. Obviously most of us won’t want to hang on to every single receipt we get (nor should we). So, it’s a good idea to develop a sense of which ones are actually important enough to file away, whether physically or electronically, to reduce the amount of taxes you’re paying on your income.…