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Projects – Old

A selection of some of my projects. For the rest, visit my github!

Bellman-Ford: Shortest Distance Calculator
Using C89 language to create a console application that will return a shortest distance, for a given input directed graph, implementing the Bellman-Ford algorithm.

Image Manipulator
Using OpenCL to program on an AMD graphics card, to read in images and process them in grayscale.


How to Maintain Code (Nearly) Effortlessly
@ Atlanta Code Camp – October 24, 2015

Nearly everyone knows maintaining a clean code base is important. But what does that even mean? And who has time for it? Kick bad code to the curb, and walk away with immediately implementable refactoring techniques. And if you’re on a time crunch, cheat your way to clean code with an analysis tool. Learn how bad code is holding you back, how to detect signs of bad code, how to speed things up with a Visual Studio’s Code Analysis, and how to work it into your development schedule!

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FireStarter Fab Lab
A fabrication lab located in Warner Robins, GA. It has all sorts of industrial tools for advanced tinkerers and learning space for new tinkerers.

Website in development. Coming soon…

This website won third place at the inaugural 48in48 event in Atlanta. With Rick Fossum as the designer, and myself as developer on this project. Winning our non-profit organization a professional video-editing service.

YWCA’s new website features a beautiful parallax design, that easily conveys information to visitors.

YWCA Website

This website built at the inaugural 48in48 event in Atlanta. With Barbara Weissman as the designer, and myself as developer on this project.

MODA’s new website is clean, minimalist and features beautiful pictures of their facility. It also allows the organization to easily manage events and exhibitions on the website.

MODA Website