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First day at Microsoft!! (What?!) So incredibly excited to work at my dream job! And so thankful for those who supported and believed in me. My family, mentors, and professors – thank you

Come see my talk!

I’m going to speaking at this year’s Atlanta Code Camp conference. And I’ll be talking about Web API and Postman for the beginner. Check it out 🙂

Look Ma, I’m on Google!

If you happen to google a specific query, my blog post is the first link!!! And so is the gif I made (in MS Paint, lolol). I am inordinately excited about this. (The blog post itself.)

On Giving the Atlanta Code Camp Talk

Last October I was accepted to speak at the 2015 Atlanta Code Camp on keeping clean code.  It was a really great experience, I would definitely recommend this conference for anyone who wants to speak at tech events. I’ve been to this conference in the past, but this is the first time I’ve been a speaker. The organizers of the conference were on top of things, and they made sure I had everything I needed prior to my presentation. And knowing I was a bit nervous about giving my talk, they checked in with me afterwards. The speakers’ dinner, the…