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DroidScript Fun @ GDG

This week’s Mercer/Macon Google Developer Group was hosted at SparkMacon, and my friend and coworker, Michael Rosario, was presenting on DroidScripts.

This is MichaelThis is Michael.

DroidScripts lets you write android apps with JavaScript. Ya know, if you’re really into JavaScript. But it really does seems to be a good alternative to regular Java/Android, if you’re looking to do some quick prototyping. There’s no manifest file to futz around with and hardly any setup before coding. (Bee tee dubs, I called the “manifest” file the “manifesto” file for the longest time. And nobody corrected me, seriously? lol.)

The IDE you develop in is browser based, so no downloading a bulky application. You just download the DroidScript app from the Play Store, and it will give you an IP address to navigate to the IDE. The app essentially is using your phone as a web server, so the IDE IP address is pointing to your phone. But its password-protected, so don’t worry!

DroidScriptIDEThe IDE is pretty simple.

The DroidScript app comes pre-loaded with a bunch of sample applications, like a Text-to-Speech application that reads what you type in the app. And also an off-brand Flappy-Bird app with equally bad physics.

A pretty cool app that Michael developed with DroidScript is a controller for his woodcut robot. It moves straight, left, and right (randomly I think) and avoids obstacles via the sensors on the robot. It’s pretty nifty.

IMG_20150924_025302At one point, this was made completely out of legos.

Anyways, GDG is held weekly on Tuesdays if you wanna come check it out! There’s more information on the Google Plus Community.


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