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3 (Nearly) Effortless Ways to Keep Code Clean

Keeping code clean does not have to be a huge endeavor. Just do a little bit at a time, and your code will be shiny in no time.

  1. Consistency in naming variable. From the database, to the middle layer, to the user interface. If they are the same thing, do not change up the naming. It will make it so much easier for both you and other people to follow the code.
  2. Delete commented out code. If the build is working without the commented code, then you don’t need it. Maybe it’s someone else’s code. But if it’s been there since you’ve started on this code base, delete it.
  3. Do not be clever. Short code is NOT better code. Really. And no one else is going to pat you on the back for it.

Clean code is not just for other people, it also for you. Take pride in your work.

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